Continuity gives us roots; re-invention helps us create the future.

First things first. Systel Energy Solutions is the Flagship Company of Systel Group, the Largest Compressed Air Management Company in Asia.

Born in 2002 and just 13 years young, Systel Energy Solutions has created shall we say, yet another divide of Have and Have Nots: Factories that have Systel’s Compressed Air Management System and Factories that don’t. Fortunately, with some 825 Industries already embracing the system, and the number growing at rapid pace everyday, this divide is getting narrower by the day.

Systel’s Compressed Air Management Solutions did what no one had ever thought of before, bring Advanced Maintenance Technology into Production Floors. Be it Leakage Management or Monitoring the Performance of Supply Equipments, the Maintenance and Utility Engineers now have Real Time Access to the overall System and Can Act much Efficiently . The result was amazing. Knowledge flourished freed from the centuries old bonds of Manual Observations and Records. A new light of understanding dawned on young engineering minds. And the Factory became a fascinating place to be in as a new generation of Engineers saw (instead of just being told and explained) for the first time how their System and Equipments Performed. And the Managements smiled as Productivity was highly improved with better Energy Efficiency.

Even as Systel’s Compressed Air Management Solution’s popularity grew with factory after factory adopting it, as pioneers we realised that we needed to keep pushing the frontiers of technology, make it adapt to changing times, make it more user friendly, more versatile and more resourceful. Over the years, such upgrades and improvements kept happening on a continuous basis.

But the time was fast approaching for metamorphic and transformational change. For nearly 2 years starting end 2013, the research team at Systel Energy Saving Solutions has been at work devoting Hundreds of man days to execute the most comprehensive re-engineering of its kind to make Systel’s Compressed Air Management Solutions a truly 21st century Compressed Air Technology Leader . And the result is amazing new avatar of Compressed Air Management Products and Services.