WiseAir - Modular Aluminum Compressed Air Piping System

Distribution piping configuration can also have an effect on how high volume, intermittent applications affecting system performance. The Air Distribution system links the various components of the compressed air system to deliver air to the points of use with minimal pressure loss.

With WiseAir Modular Aluminium Compressed Air Piping System, the length of the network is designed to be minimum with large enough diameters to minimise pressure drop. Condensate drains and air connections to the equipment are very well placed to avoid condensate carry-over. Our WiseAir Design usually achieves a Pressure Drop of less than 1 percent in the main distribution header.

Key Benefits of WiseAir Modular Aluminium Compressed Piping System

Minimal Pressure Drop
No Scaling or Rusting
Expected Life Span of over 50 Years
Friction less air mass movement
10 Years Warranty

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