CSiTEC: Learn Next Level of Efficiency

Since its founding in 2005, CS-iTEC has developed and produced quality and innovative measurement technology for compressed air systems and gases. As a German manufacturer, they place great value on quality products and customer-friendly services. For them, service means being close to our clients, finding customer specific solutions and reacting quickly when it’s required. This is achieved through their international presence; with main locations in Germany (Buggingen) and China (Shenzhen) as well as several subsidiaries in other countries. CSiTEC ensures, together with their long-term partners, that customers are served promptly and professionally.

Except for a few merchandise products, all CS-iTEC products are developed and manufactured by them.

CSiTEC is able to bring together the German pursuit of precision and quality with the Asian drive for innovation and speed. Starting from 2012 Systel has been Partnering with CSiTEC in bringing Affordable and Reliable Measurement Instruments to Indian Industries. Please Visit www.csitec.com for more informations about our Products or write to us sales.in@cs-itec.asia.