S 460 – Ultrasonic Flow Meter

S 460 – Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The S 460 ultrasonic flow meter uses the proven clamp on transit time correlation technique. The Ultrasonic Transducers are simply clamped onto the outside of the pipe and never come in contact with the fluid.

The Transducers are connected to a controller which is available as hat rail, or portable version. The Stationary models can be connected to the S330/331 series if displays and data loggers where the portable model is connectable to the S551.


Measurement of liquid flows and consumption such as

  • Chemical Addition
  • Cooling and Heating Water
  • Drinking Water
  • Broad Range of Refined Hydro Carbons
  • Potable Water
  • De-Ionized and Demineralised Water
  • Sanitary Flow Rate Measurements
  • Purified Water